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Join Us July 22!

RFRSH Parenting and Education Conference

Chula Vista Christian University

Parents, are you ready to break free from public education but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re already homeschooling but need a little more structure and support?

Our summer 2023 conference is called RFRSH for a reason! We are creating a space for you to be recharged and refreshed, poured into and encouraged as you plan for your first (or 10th!) year of homeschooling. Learn the secrets of success for building authentic, lasting relationships in your home as you soak in the wisdom of CVCU professor and attachment specialist Brian Reiswig. Enjoy sessions on early education, teaching multiple ages, getting started homeschooling (session taught in both English and Spanish), special needs, record keeping, curriculum selection, learning styles, starting your own academy, and much more!

For the last 20 years, I’ve been building homeschool support communities across the United States. I’m not a poser or an opportunist, jumping in on the “homeschool market." I am a lifelong homeschooling parent who educated my kids at home from kindergarten to college. Because of that personal experience, I understand the struggle and stretch that homeschooling requires of us--and just how vital a supportive community truly is.

I also understand how to build academic systems that will set students apart in this generation. If you're a pastor or church leader, you can join our monthly Save the Next Gen Masterclass to learn how you can launch an academic outreach that will dramatically transform your preschool to high school church community for the kingdom!

At CVCU, we are excited to announce two new partnerships for our curricular studies this year! For PK to 6th grade, we will be studying with My Fathers World, and for 7th to 12th grade, our students will utilize the critical-thinking inspired Principle Approach curriculum, Noah's Plan. If you're taking classes at CVCU this fall, you’ll get your books and learn everything you need to know about these amazing curricular methodologies during our July 22 RFRSH Parenting and Education Conference curricular breakout sessions.

RSVP here to join us for the conference!

And if you’re local to San Diego, we invite you to join us at Chula Vista Christian University for preschool to college classroom experiences throughout the year! Not only do we offer mentoring and community support for all homeschooling grades, we also have our new +25 degree programs as well as our traditional mentor-driven college program. You can earn your bachelor's degree debt-free in computer science, psychology, engineering, education, pre-medicine, political science, and much more. Visit for details.

Let’s take back education for the next generation.

RSVP here for RFRSH 2023! See you then!

Dr. Lisa Dunne

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