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FALL 2023

August 17: Faculty Meeting (no classes)

August 20: Welcome back dinner (all college students, parents, and professors) 

August 22: Commencement Ceremony/Fall Classes Begin (parents invited, students required)

September 14: Faculty Meeting

September 20: Quarterly grade reports due (professors)


October 12-14: Zion National Park Hiking Trip

October 17: Faculty Meeting

October 19: Midterm grades due (professors)

November 9: Bring a Friend Day

November 16: Faculty Meeting

November 16: Thanksgiving Potluck

November 23-27: Thanksgiving Holiday 

November 15: FOR Qs and grade reports due (professors)

December 7: Faculty and Student Christmas Party 4-6pm

December 7: Last Day of Fall Classes 

December 12 and 14: Fall FOR Exams 

December 16: Student Evaluations Due 

December 21: Final Grades Due (professors)

December 15 to January 17: Christmas Break


January 12: Faculty Meeting (no classes) 

January 16: Spring Classes Begin 

February 7: Quarterly grade reports due (professors)

February 13: Faculty Meeting

February 27: Chapel Guest Speaker: Entrepreneur Patrick Clark

February 29: Student Spring Formal Dinner 

March 14: Midterm grades due (professors) 

March 19: Faculty Meeting: Lunch on campus 

March 19: Chapel Guest Speaker: Epigenetics Specialist Dr. Donald Adema

March 21: Spring Team-building Getaway @ Palomar Christian Camp

March 25-29: Easter Break 

April 11: Faculty Meeting

April 16: CVCU Spring Visit Day

April 23: Chapel Guest Speaker

April 25: FOR Question Drafts Due (professors) 

May 2: Last Day of Spring Classes 

May 7 and 9: Spring FOR Exams

May 11: High School and College Graduation Ceremony 

May 14: Evaluations Due (students) 

May 16: Final Grades Due (all professors)

May 21: Faculty Self-evaluations Due 

May 28: Summer Sessions Begin

May 12 to August 21: Summer Break 

June 2 to August 1: CVCU Summer Session

June 10 to 14: CVCU Academy Summer Camp

June 28: CVCU Board of Directors' Meeting

July 19: CVCU Parenting and Education Conference

July 25: NARNIA Kids' Theater Production

August 18: Welcome Back Dinner: Faculty and Students

August 20: Fall classes begin 

“Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” - King Solomon

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