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CVCU's Honors Institute was established as a university outreach to 9th to 12th grade Christian homeschoolers. As a lifelong homeschooling parent, CVCU President Dr. Lisa Dunne understands the need for quality homeschooling programming in the high school years. The Honors Institute offers both on-ground and pod-based distance learning opportunities that range from Career Training electives to general education to college preparatory skills. Students in remote groups meet in small group formats at their location of choice, joining the in-person pod in a dynamic, live, synchronous classroom environment. 

Educational Methodology

From high school to college instruction, CVCU utilizes inquiry-based (aka Socratic) methodology, which puts the bulk of the ownership for study, reflection, discussion, and learning on the student. The professor is a “guide on the side,” rather than a “sage on the stage,” a coach who helps students develop a drive for self-directed learning. In a knowledge-based economy, successful students must learn how to think, where to find information, and how to process current events through a biblical worldview. If we teach students only what to think, and not how to think, then they will not develop the critical thinking skills needed to address the significant challenges in their future career fields. Today’s complex issues require multifaceted solutions. CVCU desires to train up out-of-the-box thinkers who can interpret global challenges through a well-trained mind and a biblical worldview. 

Course Objectives and Pricing Structure

FREE FALL 2021 Course! Join any time!

Introduction to Film
Days/Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30 to 1:30pm

Instructor: Independent Filmmaker Thomas Byrd

Cost: Free

Course Description: Introduction to Filmmaking is a class intended to raise the next generation of storytellers. Through hands-on projects, students will focus on storytelling, film literacy, production skills of filming and editing, engaging in all aspects of the filmmaking process from script to screen. Students will be introduced to a survey approach of film history and film analysis from the inception of the medium, with an emphasis on creative writing included in each unit. Students will not only gain experience in the art of filmmaking but they will receive specialized instruction in screenwriting, exploring shot types, exploring camera angles, exploring camera movement, storyboards, cinematography, visual effects, sound recording and editing. 



Personal Leadership and Peak Performance
Days/Times: Tuesdays from 12:30 to 1:30pm 

Instructor: Forbes 100 Leadership Coach David Baldwin

Cost: $15/class

Course Description: This socially interactive class will challenge and explore students to discover their unique God-given personal leadership calling. Through the use of experiential initiatives and assessments, video recording, directed journaling, and peer feedback, the student will gain self-awareness on their leadership identity, current reputation and how to intentionally declare their future leadership brand to reach optimum peak performance in living out their God-given purpose.

High School Credit: 3 units

Intro to Speech and Debate
Tuesdays from 1:30 to 2:30pm 

Instructor: National Debate Champion Tristan Teng

Cost: $15/class

Course Description: Whether you are an inspiring competitor in the speech and debate arena, or whether you simply want to break out of your speaking shell, this course is designed to provide the foundations you need to succeed in a speech-driven world. Learn the basics of organization, delivery, projection, stage presence, and speech writing in this unique, lab-driven 8-week course.

High School Credit: 3 units 

Thursdays from 12:30 to 1:30pm

Instructor: Professor Chico Jones

Cost: $15/class

Course Description: Parents, is the thought of teaching higher level math to your high schooler causing an early onset of grey hair? Join Professor Chico as he unlocks the mysteries of calculus and provides the steps to success that make complex mathematics seem like a breeze. Grade range: 11th to 12th grade. 

High School Credits: 3 units 

College-bound Composition
Thursdays from 2:30 to 2:30pm

Cost: $15/class

Course Description: Did you know that a professor can tell from the very first sentence of your essay if you are a strong or weak writer? Join us for this 8-week college-bound composition course and learn the basics of sentence structure, sentence variety, content selection, research citations, and essay organization. A few simple tricks of the trade can turn your writing from flat to fabulous! 

High School Credits: 3 units 

Time Expectations: Honors institute classes are project based, so students can expect to have approximately one hour of home-based project time (i.e., homework) per class per week. 

Program Cost: $15 per class ($60/month per course). Classes meet for one hour once or twice per week on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from October 12 to December 9. 

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About Chula Vista Christian University 

Chula Vista Christian University is a forward-thinking, Bible-based, four-year university that trains students for influence and excellence in the marketplace. CVCU offers accelerated, hybridized BA and BS degree programs in nursing, computer science, history/political science, communication, entrepreneurship, mechanical engineering, business, pre-medicine, and educational methodology. CVCU’s mission is to utilize intentional mentorship, rigorous reading, and career-driven internships to equip scholars and visionaries who will advance the Kingdom, strengthen the community, and lead with excellence in the home, the church, and the marketplace.

CVCU educational format is built on the capstones of coaching and mentoring ideologies that are embedded in the “flipped classroom model,” self-directed learning, andragogical (adult learning) applications, and the parent-directed (homeschool) education movement. Through their experience at CVCU, students gain a career-focused, mentor-modeled, well-rounded education that prepares them to be Christian workers, visionaries, and engaged citizens of the modern world.

CVCU’s Classroom Format and Learning Outcomes 

Program Format: CVCU is mentor-driven, faith-based, and debt-free. CVCU’s methodology is built upon a foundation of historic writings that have shaped human understanding across multiple disciplines and cultures. The program structure begins with a cohort of learners and is shaped by an interdisciplinary focus that challenges students to connect classroom learning with real world issues. A problem-based learning approach is utilized to encourage each cohort to establish community-based projects of service and ministry. By nurturing a collaborative learning community together with faculty mentors, the church, and family as “supportive scaffolding,” to use Lev Vygotsky’s term, the program design is intended to foster transformative learning and encourage excellence in students as developing scholars. 

CVCU's Program Outcomes


CVCU takes a holistic approach to education that includes establishing an ongoing learning community outside of the classroom that will work together to blend theory and practice while mastering the principal elements of the disciplines that are foundational to a liberal arts education that is grounded in a biblical Christian worldview. Learning methodologies in the program focus on collaboration while allowing for individuation in student expression. In a curriculum structured around the dynamic voices of global cultures, students engage in research pursuits, explore a variety of leadership opportunities, and impact the wider community through service and ministry in their local church, their local communities, and across the world. 

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Through rigorous coursework, CVCU students will develop the critical thinking skills that will help them solve multifaceted community and world issues. 

  1. Through career-driven internships, CVCU students will gain practical, hands-on experience and on-the-job training for their chosen career field. 

  2. Through authentic conversations in a dialogue-based learning model, CVCU students will develop greater levels of emotional intelligence that will guide them in thinking, speaking, and acting from a place of not only intellectual authority but also emotional maturity. 

  3. Through faculty mentorships and whole-person development, CVCU students will enlarge their understanding of academia in a way that gives greater meaning and purpose to career, family, church, and marketplace. 

  4. Through Socratic discussions in multidisciplinary environments, CVCU students will develop professional written and oral communication skills as well as a greater awareness of the ethical concerns facing the modern world from a broad view rather than a myopic, subject-limited viewpoint. 

  5. Through commitment to and regular service within the local church, CVCU students will develop habits of service and compassion that will impact their communities with innovative ideas for service, evangelism, personal discipleship, and local and global missions. 

  6. Through multidisciplinary studies, readings, and discussions, CVCU students will develop a well-rounded sense of liberal arts, their academic discipline, and their own unique calling in the world. 

CVCU's Institutional Learning Outcomes 

  1. CVCU will equip scholars and visionaries who will advance the Kingdom, strengthen the community, and lead with excellence in the home, the church, and the marketplace. 

  2. CVCU will utilize primary texts, rich discourse, and faculty mentorship to develop students in the achievement of academic and personal disciplines that create strong foundations of personal and national leadership. 

  3. CVCU will help students develop the spiritual disciplines necessary to serve God and hold to the truth of his word in an increasingly pluralistic culture. 

  4. CVCU will equip students with a firm foundation that awakens them to the choices and sacrificial impact of historical leaders, motivating them to follow in the footsteps of those who established the US as the land of the free because of the brave. 

  5. CVCU will model in reading, discussion, and action the academic excellence inherent in those who study to show themselves approved, rightly dividing the word of truth. 

  6. CVCU will model effective and persuasive communication strategies that will strengthen students’ skills in apologetics and biblical science so that they may provide godly council for those who have been miseducated in the way of truth. 

  7. CVCU will train undergraduate college students for service to God, country, and one another, building a legacy of culture shapers who will impact the world for the kingdom in their respective careers, families, and ministries. 


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