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Dr. Lisa Dunne is the president and

founder of Chula Vista Christian University.

Dr. Lisa Dunne is an industry disruptor in the field of education. In addition to founding Chula Vista Christian University, she has launched 32 national K to 12 homeschool academies that are dedicated to rescuing the next generation from the toxic traits of traditional education. She is a dynamic, award-winning educator, author, and speaker with 25 years of classroom experience.


She holds a Ph.D. in human development from Fielding Graduate University, a Master's degree in communication studies from Regent University, a Master’s degree in human and organizational systems from Fielding Graduate University, and undergraduate degrees and minors in humanities, secondary education, and musical theater from Thomas Edison State College and Miami-Dade College.


Dr. Dunne is passionate about the transformative power of Christian education, the primacy of the local church, and the stable family as the cornerstone of healthy culture. She is an expert in Gen Z educational methodology and psychosocial development, and she enjoys facilitating local church and community workshops to help parents, teachers, and faith-based institutions better equip the next generation for academic success, relational resilience, and career readiness.

As an advocate of education reform and family discipleship, Dr. Dunne is a frequent speaker at conferences and leadership events, and, as a lifelong home educator, she has been a featured speaker at California homeschool conferences.The homeschool model was the seedbed for the success of CVCU's educational modality, which is built on the proven effectiveness of the dialogue-based homeschool model of instruction. As part of her platform at CVCU, she meets with local pastors to help them start church-based Christian education centers to rescue their congregations from the secular indoctrination of the state's public school system. Her academy launches include include Awaken Academy, Skyline Christian Academy, Creative Academy, Summit Academy, Freedom Generation Academy, Journey Christian Academy, Liberty Christian Academy, Harvest Family Academy, and many more. Learn more about her program at the 

Dr. Dunne is the author of several books, including The Multigenerational Marketplace, a guide to developing Christian communication competencies in the workplace, The Science of Social Influence, a primer on media’s insidious influence on identity, and Relating through the Lifespan, a Christian perspective on lifespan development and intergenerational mentoring. Her podcast is The Communication Architect (available on iTunes and Spotify), and her weekly radio show MindsetMatters can be heard every Saturday at 10:30pm on KPraise Radio. Her latest book, Outsourced: Why America's Kids Need an Education Revolution, is available at and on Amazon. 

Dr. Dunne is especially passionate about the developmental process of the college years because of the season's impact on her own life: During her freshman year of college in Miami, Florida, she became a Christian, and during her sophomore year of college, she met her husband on a performance exchange trip in Wakefield, England.


She has now been married to her British husband, Adrian, for 33 years. They have two intelligent and compassionate homeschool graduates, Ethan and Cymone, who are their true résumé. Dr. Dunne finds great joy in coaching and teaching all generations, helping them discover God’s purpose and plan for their lives. ​





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