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Please note that core courses at Awaken Academy require the purchase of a textbook. These include the four following subjects: IEW, Apologia Science, Math (Teaching Textbooks and Abeka) and History. If your child is enrolled in these classes, you will need to purchase a book.


The following is a reference of curriculum for core classes offered at Awaken Academy with a direct link for the book(s) your student will be using based on their enrolled course. Feel free to purchase directly from these publishers or search and purchase from other sites.


In some cases, you may find bundle homeschool curricula at other sites at a discounted price.


K-3rd Exploring Creation Advantage Set 2nd Ed. (With Junior Notebooking Journal) (click here)

4-6th Grade Apologia Advantage Set Zoology 3 with Regular Notebooking Journal (click here)


7-8th Apologia Basic Set- Physical Science 3rd Ed. (click here)


9-12th Apologia Basic Set – Chemistry 3rd Ed. (click here)


K-3rd Primary Arts of Language: Reading – Writing Complete Package (click here)

2-3rd IEW Bible Heroes Writing Lessons (You will receive an e-book version of the teacher book with the purchase of the student book) (click here)

4th-6th IEW Ancient History Based Writing Lessons (Teacher/Student Combo)
** An e-book version of the student resource packet is free with this combo (click here)

7th-8th IEW Following Narnia Volume 2: Aslan’s Country (Teacher/Student Combo)
** An e-book version of the student resource packet is free with this combo (click here)

9th to 12th: The Elegant Essay (click here)


K-1st Apologia Advantage Set - Who is God? With Junior Note booking Journal (click here)

2nd to 3rd Apologia Advantage Set - Who Am I?
(click here)

4-6th Apologia Advantage Set – Who Am I? Regular Note booking Journal (click here)

7-8th It Couldn’t Just Happen: Knowing the Truth About God’s Awesome Creation (click here)

9-12th I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (click here)


Susan Bauer Story of the World (Textbook for homework, activity book optional)

K to 1st: The Ancient Times (click here)

2nd to 3rd: The Middle Ages (click here)

4th to 6th: Early Modern Times (click here)

(Alternative) 4th to 6th: The Modern Age (click here)

7th Grade: Journey to the Eastern Hemisphere 
(click here) 

8th Grade: The Landmark History of American People: From Plymouth to the West, Vol. 1
 (click here)


9-12: Church History: Students will read and discuss three books/guides:

The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History 
(click here)

History of the Christian Church Student Guide 
(click here)


The Story of Christianity 
(click here)



KINDER to 6th Grade: ABEKA

Kinder - Learning Numbers/Numbers and Skills with Button Bear (2 Books)

Book 1 (click here)

Book 2 (click here)

1st Grade Arithmetic Child Kit (click here) 

2nd Grade Arithmetic Child Kit (click here) 

3rd Grade Arithmetic Child Kit (click here)

4th Grade Arithmetic Child Kit (click here) 

5th Grade Arithmetic Child Kit (click here)

6th Grade Arithmetic Child Kit (click here)



7th to 12th Grade: TEACHING TEXTBOOKS

All Teaching Textbooks may be found at the link below (there is also a placement test on the site where you may test your students to ensure the best skill-based rather than grade-based placement).


Students may purchase the online package for homework, but they will need the textbook for class:

7th: Math 7 (click here)

8th: Pre-Algebra (click here)

9th: Algebra 1 (click here)

10th: Geometry (click here)

11th: Algebra 2 (click here)

12th: Pre-Calculus (click here)

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