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Fully Accredited Partner Degrees 2024-2025

CVCU is thrilled to announce our new fully-accredited partner degree programs on our CVCU campus! Through a unique partnership with several Christian institutions, CVCU will offer a host of new degrees, trades, and graduate programs in keeping with our debt-free programming and our Signature Socratic model. Launching Summer 2024: Start your future today! 

Undergraduate (Bachelor Degree) Programs: 

Criminal Justice 

Business Administration 



Global Education Studies

Addictions Counseling 

Life Coaching Specialist 

Professional Pilot/Aviation 

Nursing, Post Licensure (RN-BSN) 

Health Sciences, Pre-clinical 



Digital Media and Design 

Certificates: Certificate in Arts and Trauma Healing 


Graduate (Masters Degree) Programs: 

Masters of Divinity 

Secondary Teaching 


Human Resource Management 

Information Technology Leadership 

Organizational Leadership 

Social Work 

Special Education

Pastoral Care and Counseling 


Trade (Associate Degree) Programs:  

AS: Construction Technology 

AAS: Electrical Technicians Studies 

AAS: HVAC Technician Services 

AAS: Science; Plumbing Technician Services

Brush Strokes

Certificate in Arts & Trauma Healing

The Graduate Certificate in Arts and Trauma Healing equips students to guide others through culturally relevant artistic modalities for trauma healing. This program provides an ongoing mentored learning experience that emphasizes interpersonal skills and integrates academic learning directly into practical use.


Professional Pilot Program

If you’ve ever thought about a career in aviation, you need a learning pathway that prepares you for your career goals with both flight training and the degree to back it up. The associate-level professional pilot program partners with flight schools to bring you local flight training as well as flexible online classes. This unique, faith-based program will give you comprehensive knowledge to pursue professional pilot jobs and other careers in the aviation industry.


BS in Criminal Justice

Complete your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and prepare for a lifelong career of service with honor and integrity. The Bachelor of Science with a major in Criminal Justice prepares you for a variety of careers that work toward justice, prevention, and the protection of your community. From corrections and law enforcement to victim’s advocate positions, this criminal justice degree offers you tactics, theories, and principles to help you advance in your desired career path.

Video Game

BS in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity experts can be an organization’s first line of defense against the dangers that threaten its technology and systems. Currently, more open positions exist in this growing field than there are qualified candidates. Take advantage of those career opportunities with the online Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity program. With hands-on assignments, an innovative online lab environment, and experienced instructors, you’ll develop the skills you need to combat and defend against hackers with malicious intent.


BS in Addictions Counseling

Prepare for a fulfilling and challenging career working with individuals and families in crisis. This faith-based degree in addictions counseling is not just an evidence-based program that produces excellent practitioners—it’s an online degree that prepares you emotionally and spiritually for the work God has called you to do helping addicted individuals. Unique to our program are synchronous elements offered alongside supervision from experienced faculty members to help you develop as a professional in the field. You’ll be equipped to work in the court system, domestic violence shelters, inpatient facilities, and your state’s Department of Correction. Do the important work of restoration, reunifying families, and healing lives.

Sitting with Notebooks

BA in Life Coaching

Are you called to help others discover their gifts and talents? Do you feel led to be a beacon of hope to those who are oppressed and overwhelmed? Do you want to improve your communication skills to serve others with increased confidence and direction? The Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Life Coaching will prepare you to empower others to achieve personal and professional success.

Security Monitoring Screens

BS in Global Security & Strategy Management

Our country needs out-of-the-box, strategic thinkers who can address, manage, and navigate security threats across the world. With a Bachelor of Science in Global Security & Strategy Management, you can build on your military experience and prepare yourself for a rewarding career in intelligence, security, or strategy management.

Nice Nurse

BS in Nursing (Post Licensure (RN-BSN)

This program is specifically designed for individuals who are already licensed as a Registered Nurse. As such, all applicants must present proof of an unencumbered RN license. The BSN is required for several specialty specific certifications, but those depend on the nurse’s practice specialty.

Therapy Session

Masters Degree in Psychology

If you’re fascinated by what motivates people or you love trying to understand human relationships, the fully online Master of Arts in Psychology can help you cultivate a life abundant with meaning and purpose—and help other people build richer lives as well. With specializations in Life Coaching and Positive Psychology and Industrial and Organizational Psychology, you’ll develop into a competent and ethical professional that approaches psychology through the lens of your faith. This program prepares you for work in a variety of professional settings, whether you have a limited background in psychology or you hold an undergraduate degree in the field. You’ll also be able to pursue and implement your personal research interests.

Life coaching

Masters Degree in Counseling

Candidates must complete core, clinical experience, specialization, and elective courses as advised by the Graduate Counseling department. In addition, individualized programs of study can be designed which enable students to fulfill requirements for multiple specializations and license types.

Leadership Presentation

Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership

People who lead well can make a difference in their organizations and communities, advancing the mission by inspiring others. This master’s degree gives you the opportunity to solve real-world problems in your organization. Along the way, you’ll get the feedback and support you need to gain confidence and advance your career. Start applying your knowledge immediately, and be ready for next opportunity with a master’s degree in organizational leadership.

Seniors Socializing

Masters Degree in Social Work

Students will receive an integrative practice approach to the social work profession while learning to draw on individual and community strengths to work toward social change and justice in their respective communities. Advanced Practice social workers employ a range of problem-solving processes and clinical and research-based theories while using the skills of assessment, planning, contracting, implementation, evaluation and termination as they work with various client systems to enhance functioning and improve well-being. The MSW Social Work program provides a Christian and biblical worldview perspective on social and economic justice and the intrinsic worth of all people. The generalist curriculum provides generalist social work theory, practice, policy, and research perspectives. The advanced generalist specialty practice curriculum provides theory, practice, policy, and research in advanced generalist social work practice with an emphasis on clinical knowledge and skills.

Art Class

Masters Degree in Special Education

The Master of Science (M.S.) program with a major in Special Education Teaching is designed to deepen your teaching ability by equipping you to develop culturally responsive teaching skills and effective research and technology tools for students with exceptionalities.

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