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Prof. Miguel Ortega

Organizational Leadership

Professor Miguel A. Ortega is the Program Manager for the Career Exploration Program (CEP) and currently serves the counties of San Diego, Riverside, Imperial and Yuma, Arizona. Ortega is a 12-year Army Veteran and holds a Master's Degree in Education.

While enlisted in the Army, Ortega served as a computer systems analyst for 6 years, an Electronic Warfare Operator for 3 years, and performed operations in South Korea and Afghanistan. His last assignment in the Army was as a recruiter, which sparked his passion for education. He saw firsthand the need for effective college and career readiness tools that could help guide and prepare students for the workforce.

Ortega's passion for helping students is derived from his own testimony as a first-generation U.S. citizen and college graduate. He is always willing to share his testimony as an encouragement for students to pursue their dreams. His own experience serves as a motivation to diligently seek and communicate the value of the CEP and the impact it has on college readiness. 

In his spare time, Professor Ortega serves as a Vocal Director for his local Church and as an assistant director/ lead choreographer

for three major musical theater productions.

Prof. Miguel Ortega
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