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Prof. Marc Hutchins

Film and Communication

Marc Hutchins is an award-winning director and the founder of Alexander Films, a full-service production company specializing in narrative storytelling. Hutchins holds a Master’s degree in Film and Media from Full Sail University. 


He currently has two feature films streaming and two in international distribution. His recent releases include the police drama Crossing Streets and a romantic comedy Where Are You, Bobby Browning? 


Professor Hutchins enjoys training students in directing, producing, lighting, cinematography, marketing, distribution, and advanced storytelling techniques with the goal of utilizing practical skills in supporting ministries, ushering in social change, and using media to positively impact the world.


A father of eight, he served with the Marines in Desert Storm and taught for several years in Virginia as well as San Diego. He and his wife Suzannah live in Georgia. 

Prof. Marc Hutchins
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