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Prof. Lindsey Rauch


Professor Lindsey Rauch holds a Bachelor’s in Communications and two Master’s degrees, one in Mental Health and Wellness and the other in Licensed Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University. Currently, she is pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology at Liberty University. She is zealous about changing the negative stigma of studying psychology and claiming the field for Christ.

Professor Rauch is seasoned in the mental health and psychology field, with a robust clinical and career counseling history. She has traveled across the country to various speaking engagements, presented in front of Congress proposing key global change initiatives, is frequently featured as a guest on several non-profits' podcasts, and is responsible for hosting workshops and keynote speeches for personal and church events.

Professor Rauch is a member of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, a former Bonhoeffer Fellow, and an active-duty Army spouse who does what she can to support the military community. Her service won her the title of the 2023 Fort Bliss Armed Forces Military Spouse of the Year.

Prof. Lindsey Rauch
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