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Prof. Kyle Hermann

American and World History

Kyle was born and raised in East County, San Diego, where he was active in both extracurricular activities and his home church, Skyline, all the way through college.


Kyle recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from PLNU and is currently finishing his Master's degree at Liberty University. Since graduating, he has taught history and Constitution at 5 high schools from El Cajon to Irvine. Kyle is passionate about learning from the past as well as leading others to do the same.


As a senior in college, he ran for office, and he currently serves as Vice Chair of the Valle de Oro Community Planning Group. He also serves on the Historic Site Board of San Diego County, San Diego Young Republicans, and the Rancho Helix De Oro Fire Safe Council.


As one of the youngest elected officials in San Diego County, Kyle hopes to inspire others to be civically engaged and to take steps to become courageous and just leaders in their realm of influence.

Prof. Kyle Hermann
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