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Prof. Chico Jones

Logic / Algebra / World Religions

Professor Chico Jones is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and has an M.A. in Philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary. He has taught Math, Christian Apologetics, Philosophy, Logic, and World Religions for over a decade. He also hosts a philosophy YouTube channel that focuses on logic, metaphysics, and philosophy of religion.


Prior to teaching, Professor Chico was a KC-10 Extender pilot in the US Air Force and flew in Operation Enduring Freedom. He has volunteered with youth ministry for many years at his home church, the Shoreline Church of San Clemente, taking students on mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Skid Row in Los Angeles.


He and his wife Mariah have three children and live in San Clemente, where he and his family love to surf as much as possible. Professor Chico teaches CVCU's Algebra and Logic class, helping students unravel the mysteries of the ordered world of mathematics to discover practical, everyday applications of math in each career field. 

Prof. Chico Jones
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