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Dr. Brian Thomas

Apologetics / Worldview

Dr. Brian Thomas holds a Ph.D. in paleobiochemistry and a Master’s degree in biotechnology. In addition to teaching at high schools and universities in the surrounding regions of Dallas, Texas, Dr. Thomas is a science writer, editor, and research associate for the Institute for Creation Research. He is the author of several books including Dinosaurs and the Bible and Creation Basics and Beyond. His dissertation, Ancient and Fossil Bone Collagen Remnants, is also available in book form. 


Dr. Thomas is passionate about helping the next generation think critically and scientifically about God’s design of the created realm. He is a frequent contributor to Acts and Facts Magazine; learn more about his research and writings at  As a paleobiochemist, one of Dr. Thomas' specializations is analyzing the tissue of recently excavated dinosaur bones and assessing the findings in the light of creationism.


 Dr. Thomas teaches CVCU's freshman apologetics course, Science and the Christian, where he teaches students to reason and analyze scientific theory through the lens of the biblical worldview.

Dr. Brian Thomas
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