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Sandy Beach

Patrick Clark

Patrick Clark 2022 Headshot .jfif

Patrick Clark is a Kingdom Entrepreneur who runs an Impact Fund of Companies on a mission to fuel for profit, for purpose entrepreneurs and organizations, that are growing wealth and impacting humanity in a scaled way, with the explicit goal of investing and growing Eternal Kingdom ROI.

Mr. Clark currently serves on the Board for the Jesus Film Project and Love Defined. The marketplace focus is serving as Managing Director of Ebenezer Capital, a Kingdom Impact Fund; CEO of the Real Estate Investment Firm REIG Asset Management; CEO of the Construction and Redevelopment Firm REIG Construction; and the Real Estate Service company Sell Your House Direct, a national iBuyer service.

Be it Family, Marketplace and Ministry, Mr. Clark is on a mission to leverage it all towards the completion of the Great Commission though a 7 fold Kingdom Portfolio.

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