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Join us for our signature Socratic model online! Students age 14 to adult are eligible for our CVCU Online program, an alternative program option that provides synchronous, discussion-oriented classroom content delivered from our trusted mentors right to your local church-based academy! 


Calculus, 8 weeks 

1.5 college credits 

Thursdays at 3:00PM PT 

Course Description: Calculus is the mathematics of motion, growth, and change. This course will begin with a review of the tools needed for calculus, then will focus on limits and derivatives. Meet Professor Chico on our faculty page.



Indie Filmmaking, 8 weeks

1.5 college credits

Several days and times available

Course Description: This course will provide students with the practical knowledge necessary to produce, shoot, and edit original works of short film. The focus will be on storyboarding and visual storytelling, and students will have the opportunity to create and showcase their own film “mini masterpiece.” Meet Professor Hutchins on our faculty page.


Consumer Math, 8 weeks 

1.5 college credits 

Mondays at 2:00PM PT 

Course description: This course gives students the tools for successful personal finances and stewardship. Students will learn to develop a budget, file taxes, and plan a vacation. Meet Professor Chico on our faculty page.

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