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August 16: Team Meetings (no classes)

August 23: Fall Class Days Begin/Commencement Ceremony

September 5: Labor Day (Monday)

September 6: Parent Meetup/Team Training

October 4: Parent Meetup/Team Training

October 10: Columbus Day
October 19-22: Annual Grand Canyon Trip

November 1: Parent Meetup/Team Training

November 11: Veterans’ Day

November 21-25: Thanksgiving Holiday

December 6: Family Christmas Party

December 8: Last Day of Fall Classes

December 10: Semester Showcase @10am

December 15 to January 17: Christmas Break


January 10: Team Meetings (no classes)

January 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Monday)

January 17: Class Days Begin/Denise Mira special guest

February 7: Parent Meetup/Team Training

February 20: Presidents’ Day (Monday)

March 7: Parent Meetup/Team Training

April 3-7: Easter Break

April 11: Parent Meetup/Team Training

April 27: Spring Tea Celebration

May 4:  Last Day of Spring Classes

May 6: Semester Showcase

May 12: Kindergarten to College Graduation Ceremony


June 1-15: Academic Camps


May 12 to August 21: Summer Break 


“Time is the coin of your life. Beware how you spend it.” - Carl Sandberg

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