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9:15-9:30: Welcome and Check-in (outside patio)


9:30 am: Team Intros (auditorium)


9.45 am: Intro to CVCU (auditorium)


9:55 am: Ice Breakers (auditorium)


10:05 am: Signature Class Breakout Groups


Socratic Rotations:
10:05 to 10:25
10:25 to 10:45
10:45 to 11:05
11:05 to 11:25


Class 1: Professor Hermann: American History (Auditorium HL)

Class 2: Professor Chico: Worldview (Auditorium HR)

Class 3: Pastor Dunne: Chapel/New Testament (Lg Socratic room)

Class 4: Professors Walter & White/Finance/Entrepreneurship (Sm Socratic room)


CVCU History Team: Tristan, Rebecca, Julian, Lily, and Sarah 

CVCU Chapel Team: Emily, Cymone, Chloe, and Esteban

CVCU Worldview Team: Zeleah, Anna, Sascha, James, and Isaac 

CVCU Finance/Entrepreneurship Team: Levi, Aurora, Charley, and Isaiah


Visiting Student Group A Rotations: Chapel, History, Worldview 

Bella Riojas, Andrew Valencia, Trevor Voss, Esther Esquivel, Drew Miles, Grace Giordano, RJ Hayden, and Sophia Moon


Visiting Student Group B Rotations: History, Worldview, Chapel 

Jaedon Eslinger, Keilah Prestedge, Issac Miles, Silas Eslinger, Seth Castillo, Gavin Hull, Marlin Lewis, and Savannah Stecklair 


Visiting Student Group C Rotations: Worldview, Chapel, History 

Sadie McIntyre, Melody Hannosh, Maria Chavez, Lila Zenns, Kya Taylor, and Jordan Hedgecock, Ethan Alm, and Mali Hollinger


Visiting Student Group D Rotations: Worldview, Chapel, History
Abigail Stewart, Caleb Discar, Carlo Delgado, Carter Stewart, David Guzman, Demi Aguirre, Erica Stecklair, and Isaac Obregon


11:35 to 12:00pm: Q and A Sessions (two locations)

Parent Q & A with Dr. Dunne, Josh, and Emilia: Main classroom

Student Q & A circle with current students: Auditorium 


12:00: Team photo (outside)


12:05 pm: Lunch and special message from Dr. Donald Adema (tent on north lawn)


12:30 pm: Event ends 

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