CVCU is currently accepting applications for the Spring 2023 semester. The CVCU application process involves a written assessment that evaluates the incoming student’s academic strengths, interests, determination, career goals, and rationale for applying to the University. Additionally, applicants will select two people in their circle of influence to complete a character reference that assesses the student's emotional intelligence, church involvement, resilience, teachability, aptitude, and related markers of academic potential for this educational model.

Follow our simple 3-step process to apply to CVCU!


Step 1: Text the word reference to the number 276.777.2828 (ARO.777.CVCU)

Choose two professionals from work, school, or church who can provide an extensive character reference for you. These should be people who know you well but are not related to you. Forward the link to each applicant, and he or she will follow the prompts, complete the form, and send it directly to us. 

Step 2: Text the word apply to the number 276.777.2828 (ARO.777.CVCU)

Complete the essay prompt in the text link and send your completed essay to Tell us whether you're interested in joining our online or in-person cohort. 


Step 3: Pay the application fee of $30 and complete the interview

Once you have completed the first two steps, you will pay the CVCU application fee and await a personal interview invitation. If you are local to San Diego, the interview will be in person. If you are out of state, your interview can be held via Zoom or Facetime.  

SAT, ACT, and interview formats:


Like a growing number of academic institutions, CVCU holds a "test-optional" admissions format. This means that SAT/ACT scores may be submitted if desired, but these assessments are neither a required component of nor a determining factor in the application process. CVCU understands that a student is more than the sum of his or her test scores.


After the written application is accepted, the student candidate will be contacted for a face-to-face interview to determine eligibility for admission. Students who are not local to San Diego may arrange for a Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime interview; however, all students must interview in either F2F or virtual format prior to being accepted to the University.


The full application process and interviews includes the following assessments:​​

  • Completion of steps 1-3 above

  • Evidence of high school or GED completion

  • Acceptance of CVCU's statement of beliefs and community expectations

  • Evidence of the intrinsic motivation and dedication necessary to excel in the CVCU format 

  • Demonstrated mastery of written and oral communication skills